In-Home Child Care

Victoria & Queensland

Bambini provide access to eligible families with a subsidised in home care educator in the convenience of their own home. In Partnership with The In Home Care Support agency, Bambini will support families where other mainstream child care options are not available, by finding an Educator that will suit the needs of the family and accessing the government Child Care Subsidy to assist financially.

What is In Home Care?

In Home Care is part of the Child Care Package targeted to assist eligible families to access the care of an educator in their own home at a reduced cost to the family. It is approved care based in your own home with an educator who is tailored to suit the individual needs of your family.

Flexible care options include:

Bambini operates as a co-ordination unit, facilitating:

Who is eligible?

In home care is a government funded scheme which is available to eligible families who:

Parents should consult the Services Australia website for details of their specific entitlements.


Educators registered with Bambini have varying qualifications, experience and services provided; therefore, the fee, which is charged to families varies between educators.

All fees are set independently from other services and range between $33.75 – $47.25.

Out of pocket costs will vary pending families child care subsidy assessment, and range from $1.00 – $30.00 per hour, per family

Families are responsible for paying fees on time, directly to the educator via the EFT method outlined in the care agreement.

If you are wanting to become a Family Day Care Educator, please complete the expression of interest form on the Family Day Care page.