Shaping young minds and caring for our future

With over 15 years of experience in providing quality child care services in Victoria and Queensland, our educators create a secure learning environment for your children to grow and prosper.

Why choose Bambini?

Safety is Key

We follow a set of National Standards governed by the Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority.

Connections Matter

We pride ourselves on creating trusted relationships that allow children to feel as if they are in a safe and affirming learning environment.

Community Centered

We believe in strengthening our community as a whole and thus offer a range of flexible childcare options to best suit you.

Qualified Educators

With relevant qualifications, first aid training and a thorough understanding of children’s needs and abilities, our educators are unparalleled.

30 years Experience

You can’t teach experience and sometimes children go beyond the educational scope. With our know-how, we are prepared for everything.

Trusted by over 700 Families

We support one of the biggest varieties of household family daycare in Australia. With children from diverse backgrounds with individual needs, we’ve done it all.

The experts in family day care and in home care, there is nothing that we haven’t seen.

Bambini was founded by teacher and qualified early childhood educator, Emma McCarthy, who saw the value in personalised child care experiences in a supportive home environment. Along with Cindy Fraser, another seasoned professional in early childhood care, they have created an established and respected team of professional educators that expands on the typical service offering of a child care center.

With options of child care subsidy, In-Home Care, Family Day Care and flexible times, the Bambini team are serious about providing quality care that works for real working families that wish to invest in the learning and development of their children.

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Pizza making empowers children to express their creativity and make decisions about their food choices, from selecting toppings to arranging them on the pizza. Cooking experiences with the children provide opportunity to foster discussions around healthy food choices and gives the children a sense of accomplishment, boosting their confidence and nurturing their culinary talents.#Thisisfamilydaycare#Exceedingeducators#VicHealthAchievementProgram#Cookingexperiences ... See MoreSee Less
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Learning about colours through play helps children sort, organise, categorise, and compare objects.Early Learning and identification of colours helps children to create a cognitive link between visual clues and words and empowers their ability to communicate and express themselves.#Thisisfamilydaycare#Exceedingeducators#Learningthroughplay#Confidentlearners ... See MoreSee Less
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Recently Ashani and the children engaged in a science experiment exploring the concept of rain clouds. Using shaving foam they created the cloud on top of the jar of water and then took turns in using their fine motor skills to drop food colouring into the ‘cloud’. As the cloud filled up, the colouring fell down into the water creating a rain-like effect for the children. #Thisisfamilydaycare#Exceedingeducators#STEMeducation#Mathematicsconcepts ... See MoreSee Less
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