Bambini provide access to eligible families with a subsidised in home care educator in the convenience of their own home.

What is In Home Care?


In Home Care provides eligible families with access to an educator at a reduced cost to the family. It is approved care based in your own home with an educator who is tailored to suit the individual needs of your family.

Flexible care options include:

  • Full-time care / part time care
  • Respite and emergency
  • Before/after school  / school holidays
  • Care outside standard working hours     

Who is Eligible to use In Home Care?

In home care is a government funded scheme which is available to eligible parents who:

  • Have 3 or more children under school age
  • Have a child or are a parent with additional needs
  • Are a shift worker

Please contact us for further information if you think you may be eligible.

Parents should consult the Department of Human Services (DHS) website for details of their specific entitlements to child care benefit and the child care rebate.

I am eligible. What now? 

Parents are free to choose / find their own educators based on their individual needs, use their existing educator.

 Educators registered with Bambini:

  • Have an appropriate understanding of children's needs and abilities
  • Possess current public liability insurance
  • Hold a current working with children check

Bambini operates as a co-ordination unit, facilitating:

  • Regular home visits
  • Regular phone calls/support
  • Providing administration and support to parents
  • Ensuring national standards are maintained and improved

Why choose In Home Care?bambini-in-home-care

Using an educator through our In Home Care provides you with:

  • The option of using your current educator
  • Approved care which, where eligible, entitles you to claim child care benefit and the 50% child care rebate
  • The flexibility of having reliable care suited to your families daily needs, in the convenience of your own home

How do I arrange In Home Care?

The first step is to find out if you are eligible. If you think that you meet one of the criteria mentioned above, you can contact us by phoning (03) 9813 5680 or registering your child here.

Make an enquiry

You can call (03) 9813 5680 or make an enquiry here. You can also request us to call you back here.